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    Mortgage Process

    The mortgage process can be a daunting time. Some mortgages can take longer than others and it is solely dependent on the strength of the mortgage application.

    Step 1 - Complete your Mortgage Details

    All you need to do to get your mortgage rolling is to complete your details on our express mortgage enquiry form on the right.

    Step 2 - Immediate Mortgage Decision

    A qualified mortgage remortgage advisor will then review your details, confirm any special mortgage refinance requirements you may need, before giving an immediate decision.

    Step 3 - Bad Credit Mortgage Specialists

    We specialise in any bad credit mortgage that requires specialist advice if you have had trouble in the past getting a mortgage due to a credit mistake. We offer a range of special remortgage products that will match your individual needs.

    Step 4 - Low Mortgage Costs

    A detailed explanation of all your costs will be given so there are no hidden costs. We pride ourselves on our level of re mortgage service with some of the lowest second mortgage costs in the industry.

    Step 5 - No Mortgage Worries

    Mortgages are then approved by the lender, without costing a penny. This removes any concerns over your new mortgage. We complete as much of the mortgage paperwork as possible so you only need to sign a couple of forms.

    Are you satisfied with your mortgage? Are you sure you have the best mortgage rate available following an initial rate that has now changed? Perhaps you would like mortgage to release some equity from your house to consolidate some more expensive loans? You may even require the security of a fixed rate mortgage deal to keep payments on your mortgage constant.

    The mortgage process is much more straight forward than people realise. First you need to know the amount outstanding on your current mortgage, including any redemption fees to pay this mortgage off. To mortgage you then need to decide if you need any additional funds, this may be to consolidate other debts or make some home improvements.

    Based on some brief mortgage details such as current market value of your property, basic income status and credit mistakes in the past, we are able to provide you with an immedite mortgage decision in principle.

    Mortgage help centre offers no obligation mortgage advice in all areas of the UK.




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